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I love composing music for students!  As an experienced piano teacher, my goal has been to give students music they were keen to play, while also developing important skills and ways to express themselves musically. 

My digital library of over fifty piano solos, duets etc. can be viewed and heard through the button below which will take you to Sheet Music Plus. 


 Individual pieces may be purchased by credit card, then downloaded and printed. Each page contains the purchaser information, number of copies purchased, date and cost in a watermark. 

The Royal Conservatory of Music accepts these printed downloads for piano exams.


*The Royal Conservatory of Music accepts these printed downloads for piano exams.

*The RCM Piano Syllabus 2022 includes these pieces:

*Clown Fish (Level 2)

*Doves  (Level 3)

*Waltzing Pandas (3)

*Whale’s Lament   (Level 3)

*The Loon (Level 4)

*Lullaby   (Level 4)


Elementary pieces   (Suggested Level)

Fireworks   (1)

March   (1)

It Tickles!   (1)

Boo!   (1)

                                                                   The Wind’s Song   (1)                                                                       

School’s Out   (1)
Waltz for Mom   (1)

Two Monkeys   (1)

Be My Valentine   (1)
Our Thanksgiving   (2)
Pianimals (2)

Bunny Hop   (2)

Waltz for Dad   (2)

**Clown Fish   (2)

Swinging Apes   (2)

**Wallabies on Parade   (2)

Happyface Spider   (2)

Safari   (2)
**Sheep Dog (3)

Rainforest Nocturne   (3)

**Doves   (3)

**Waltzing Pandas   (3)

**Whale’s Lament   (3)

**Rush Hour   (3)

**Marmoset (3)

                                                         Ring-Tailed Lemur   (3)                                                    

Toucan   (3)

March of the Meerkats   (3)

Jangle   (3)

**Snowy Owl   (3)


Intermediate pieces

The Loon   (4)

Lullaby   (4)

Bird of Paradise   (5)

Laughing Hyenas   (5)

                                          Kinkajou   (5)                                          

**Scherzo   (5) 


Amused   (5) 


In Summer   (6)


**Ostinato   (6)

                            **Just a Second!   (6)                            


                                                                           Advanced pieces                                                                         

Mobilé   (8)

Funhouse   (8)

                          Burlesca   (9)                        


Piano Duets

                                               **Nothing up my Sleeve   (2)                                         

**Petite Waltz   (3)

**Nocturne   (4)

On the Bay   (4)

Fun and Games   (5)

**Hot off the Press   (5)

Exotic Voyage   (6)

**Too Cool   (7)

**Included in the Piano Syllabus of The Alliance for Canadian New Music Projects


Other works

The Dylan Thomas Songs   (Advanced)

for high voice and piano

Text by Dylan Thomas

  1. Elegy

  2. In my Craft or Sullen Art

  3. Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night


Song of Mary: How Could I Know?   (Late Intermediate)

for high voice and piano

Text by Barbara Colebrook Peace


                                     Variations on a Theme of Murray Adaskin   (Advanced)                          

 for piano by Stephen Chatman, Patrick Godfrey, 

Joan Hansen, Lorna Paterson, Imant Raminsh, 

Dale Reubart, Ernst Schneider


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